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Name:  Emily Ingle

 Nickname:  Em, Muppet,Dingle

 D.O.B : 12/4/89

 Position: Right Back / Centre Back

A member at the club since: 2004

 Previous clubs:  Godmanchester Girls , Priory Parkside ,CRC football academy

Supports: Manchester United of course ! n my country England

 Favourite Moment playing football:  - Er prob scorin twice wen i join goddy in my first game, the second was beta cuz nicked it off sarah g n luckily scored thought i beta shoot cuz thought shed miss ha ha only jkin i cant shoot 4 sh*t lol
- Also the Semi Final was a really gd day and we deseved to go through after a long hard game
- Really enjoyed the cup final as well hope ther b many more n also in the final wen the gal i was markin got the ball in her throat it wernt funi 4 her but she had bin pisssin me off all game so was a bit of secret revenge i cudent stop laughin on the pitch lol 
  Comedy Moment at the club : Won Muppet of the year Award

1st Mistaking a bin for a person

2nd 'is Perri Kims mum'

3rd 'I can hear a boat I didnt know we was near the sea' We're not it sum1s ringing tone on there phone

Spelling Pitbull wrong on Karen cup final shirt sorry m8 lol

Worst moment playing football: 

- Wen i missed TWO! absolute sitters of chances ta equilise this season against kempston. a divin header and a tap in however i fluffed both think it jus wernt my day na its cuz i cant shoot i admit it lol
- Tareing my ligaments at the start of the season, it hurt so bad n missed playin footy for the 3-4 weeks i was out

Favourite Sayings: ya havin a laugh , i duno u tel me , jog on,
yeh bruv , oi oi ,dun ya

What do you like to do when your playing playing football:

Play hockey,Watch football,get drunk/socialise,seeing my m8s

What honours do you have in football:

Goddy Muppet award (my pride n joy) jk
Goddy Most
improved Player
Goddy Most Dedicated Player
Priory Players Player

Manager's comment:

 Emily joined Goddy in July 2004. Emily is a very confident right back who has gained a regular place in the team over the last 2 seasons. She has now been converted into a centre back for the team and  she has gained experience by playing for the CRC football academy and has represented Huntingdonshire County and is improving game by game Emily is priceless no one player has ever been able to bring what she does to Goddy . 










Muppet of the team